The Proven 2-Step New Customer System Most Brands Get Wrong

Dustin Lien, November 30, 2020

Most ecommerce stores get this wrong at first, and they leave thousands of dollars on the table because of it. Even worse, some *think* they’re already doing it right :/

I’ve had the pleasure of consulting a lot of brands on their ecommerce marketing, and without a doubt the #1 mistake I see is focusing on getting more website traffic before putting this system in place.

“Wait, Dustin…how can MORE traffic be a BAD thing?”

Great question. It’s not that more traffic is bad, it’s actually good.

What’s detrimental is assuming that getting more traffic will actually get you more customers.

Fun (or, not-so-fun) fact: On average, it’s estimated that only 4-5% of people who visit a website are actually ready to buy something, and even less actually do.

That means that if 100 people visit your website today, only 4 or 5 are really considering making a purchase, and more like 1 might actually do it!

Kind of disheartening, isn’t it?

All of that effort of posting on social media, creating content, promoting at events, and the various other things you might spend hours doing to get people to your website…and if you’re lucky, 1% buy something.

Or worse…you’re flushing advertising dollars down the drain. Trust me I’ve been there, it’s a terrible feeling.

Well today, I’m going to share a simple strategy that basically guarantees that more of your website visitors will become customers, so that when you do spend time and money to get more traffic, you actually get more customers too.

In fact, I recently used this strategy (the “2-step New Customer System”) to help one store get 571 new customers in 30 days.

Above: New Customer Sales by Day (yes, it's a real chart)

And the best part is, you can set it up in an afternoon or two, and once it’s set up, it runs on autopilot.

The system is simple, maybe even obvious, yet so many brands don’t ever set it up fully. I’ll show you exactly how to do it, step by step (you can even steal our templates).